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Board of Supervisors:

Arnold England, President, Area No. 1
Pat Keeling, Vice President, Area No. 3
David Welch, Secretary, Area No. 5
Blake Beckendorff, Supervisor, Area No. 4
John Chisum, Supervisor, Area No. 2

Board of Supervisor Area Boundaries

Stan Kitzman, General Manager, skitzman@bkdd.dst.tx.us
Wendy Sidwell, District Administrator, wsidwell@bkdd.dst.tx.us

Buddy Brand, Assistant General Manager, mbrand@bkdd.dst.tx.us
Marvin Peterek, Foreman

Professional Consultants:
District Engineer Team:

Michael McCarthy, P.E.
Tel: (832) 913-4087

Rod Pinheiro, P.E., PMP, CFM
Tel: (713) 353-7285


District Legal Counsel:
Andrew Johnson
Johnson Petrov LLP
2929 Allen Parkway, Suite 3150
Houston, Texas  77019

Tel 713-489-8977
Fax 713-358-3530